Why Corel Draw is not so good for printing: Things You must ensure before going to print


Based on my past experiences in Graphic Designing, I would like to clear that why Corel Draw is not so good for printing in comparisons to Adobe Illustrator. The basic difference between the two graphic designing software is provided below:

·     CorelDraw software is user-friendly and has lesser learning curves, i.e. anybody can learn it, while Illustrator is regarded as matured software involving stiff learning curves.

·     CorelDraw software can be learned even from tutorials, but one needs proper training from a good graphic design institute for learning Illustrator.

·     Print preview in CorelDraw is not as good as Illustrator, Illustrator being a postscript file format, it renders more accurate print preview.

·     All versions of Adobe Illustrator run on PC and Mac, while the same is not the case with CorelDraw.

·     In some action CorelDraw is far smarter, simpler and easier than in Illustrator, but for print you must have CorelDraw x5 or latest version.

·     If you’re new to design and use windows, I recommend you to use Illustrator. It’s more of a professional program and will help you to learn to be a better designer.

Well! If you still have Corel Draw as the only option, then ensure to tick off the following checklist before proceeding for the print-

·     Always try to use simple effects and prefer flat colour tones

·     Remember after print your design, colour tone can be changed into a little bit dull and matt, so use slight bright clear tone.

·     Try to avoid shadows effect, small bold font and small compact designs.

·     Make your design compatible with Coral Draw (x3, x4, x5) version of print agency.

·     Ensure proper bleeding areaCut line and Safety Zone.

·     Ensure your outputted is at 300DPI.

·     Convert all text into outlines.

·     Ensure your CorelDraw file is in CMYK mode.

·      Save Your File as a PDF with Bleed and set bleed limit as 0.125.


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