HR Issues in Merger and Acquisition


Lets read about A case study on Sun Pharma’s announcement of acquiring 100% of Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd by Garima Saxena-3rd Eye Advisory Limited Many studies are pointing to the neglecting of HR issues as the main reason for merger and acquisition failures. She finds that senior executives must realize the importance of HR issues in the success or failure of mergers, they are not doing enough to encourage the involvement of HR teams and employees in merger and acquisition process… #LearnAt3rdEyeAdvisory #3rdEyeAdvisory

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Tips of Minimising Workplace Negativity

Organisations around the world have realised the importance of positive workplace and are actively adopting measures to ensure the same. A positive work environment not only ensures a higher return on investment on human resource efforts but also adds to company’s overall profitability.

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Capital Budgeting and Investment Decisions

For any business in any sector, the goal behind its various activities and strategies is to keep growing and have sustained wealth along. So, any move by the firm or investor is to maximize the wealth which would sustain for a long term which in turn would be reflected on the market price of the shares of the companies and would lead to a higher future expected cash flows.

By SUBRATO HANSDA-Associate 3rd Eye Advisory