Advanced HR Analytics

Following are some applications of what can be achieved with Advanced and predictive analytics in HR:

Contributed by Aatmika Barhat



CPP Experience at 3rd Eye Advisory Limited

@Ritika Dhawan states what she has learnt from 3rd Eye Advisory -“At this point of time, I personally feel that I’m way ahead of my peers as I not only have a deeper insight of the domain but also have practical knowledge of what I was taught in my college, which is a must to survive in such a competitive world.”

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Internship Experience at 3rd Eye Advisory Limited

“After completing my internship with the company I was hired as a part timer as I stayed in New Delhi for college and worked from home.

The experience as an intern has been great and I have learned a lot from the researches, live projects and under the supervision of the senior members of the company.” statement by Tarandeep Singh. Learning experience of Tarandeep Singh can be read on

Balanced Score Card by 3rd Eye Advisory Limited

The development of the HR Balanced Scorecard without the business and HR Strategy leads to chaos as the employees and managers see the priorities differently and the balanced scorecard includes chaotic measures and chaotic goals. The implementation of a such balanced scorecard cannot be successful as the internal clients do not see a compact picture, but they see a mess in Human Resources. #ReadyBusinessPlan #ask3rdEyeAdvisory #LearnAt3rdEyeAdvisory #3rdEyeAdvisory Watch the video to know more about #BalancedScoreCard by Garima Saxena-Business Advisory 

HR Issues in Merger and Acquisition


Lets read about A case study on Sun Pharma’s announcement of acquiring 100% of Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd by Garima Saxena-3rd Eye Advisory Limited Many studies are pointing to the neglecting of HR issues as the main reason for merger and acquisition failures. She finds that senior executives must realize the importance of HR issues in the success or failure of mergers, they are not doing enough to encourage the involvement of HR teams and employees in merger and acquisition process… #LearnAt3rdEyeAdvisory #3rdEyeAdvisory

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