360° Marketing Communications Strategy

360° Marketing Communications Strategy – Case Study

It is often a dilemma as to how to go about communicating your brand’s essence to its audience. What message needs to be communicated, what medium would be most effective, which kind of audience is present over each medium of communication. Hence it is important to have a full plan once you have your positioning defined. These may get further challenging if your audience is niche or you offer B2B services. Our experts at 3rd Eye Advisory prepared one such plan for a B2B Service firm.

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Data Drowning

Are You Drowning in Data? Business Intelligence can Help!

You can’t have too much data! Utilizing progressed analytics to mine the regularly expanding billow of digital dust can reveal shrouded designs and create profound experiences. Such is the guarantee of applied data science. But, actually you cannot have excessive data. Truth be told, now and again having more data can really exacerbate the situation, driving us to act in ways that can be counterproductive.

Industries have more data than any other time in recent memory, however scads of statistics can overpower without the correct tools. Business intelligence tools enable entrepreneurs to comprehend data in speedier cycles by means of scorecards and dashboards, empowering them to perceive what’s going on in real time and customize as per requirement.

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Key Trends in B2B Marketing

The audience for B2B marketers is quite different from that of B2C marketers. The expectation of a B2B audience is experience, expertise or knowledge base while the B2C audience is looking for entertainment, offers, etc. The B2B purchase is usually logically and rationally driven and involves a decision making process.

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Why is it important to measure your brand equity?

Positive brand equity drives customer value which eventually gets passed on to the shareholders. It is important that brands evaluate and measure the associated brand elements to know their position in the mind space of their customers and the potential they can drive in the future.

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Acquihiring – Recruitment Strategy for Purple Squirrels

The war for technical talent is so intense that a handful of firms like Google, Face book, Cisco, Apple, Twitter and Zynga have shifted to a powerful but rare recruiting sub-strategy known as acqui-hiring. It involves established firms acquiring start-up firms not for their products (only Facebook admits it) but instead primarily to capture an entire team of talented engineers and designers at once. If in the past after reading about an announcement of an acquisition you’ve wondered to yourself why a technical giant was bothering to buy a start-up with no profit, a seemingly unrelated product and a product that was in a completely different field, now you know why. Acqui-hiring (acquisition hiring) is in direct contrast to most traditional corporate hiring, which simply doesn’t work when you are recruiting innovators that prefer start-ups over what they consider to be onerous “corporate jobs.”

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Best Data Visualization Tools In 2017


Tableau helps the world’s largest organizations unleash the power of their most valuable assets: their data and their people.

  • Harnesses people’s natural ability to spot visual patterns quickly, revealing everyday opportunities and eureka moments alike.

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Impact of GST on Accounting/Finance of Pharmaceutical Industry

The financial advisory team at 3rd Eye Advisory® have been providing in-depth solutions to all its clients in overcoming the difficulties caused due to change in tax system i.e. GST. It calls for thorough research and clear understanding of both the taxation systems to ensure smooth transition. The financially qualified professional of 3rd Eye Advisory® with notable experience have been working day in and day out to bring stability in the businesses and the process. If you are still stuck in in the web of GST or unable to figure out how is it going to impact your upcoming venture then 3rd Eye Advisory® is the company you can rely on.

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